Les Tuche 2 is not a movie [critique]

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The Tuche 2

The new rich of Bouzolles set out to conquer America. Behind the clichés in shambles, a rather pragmatic French comedy recipe.

In this suite released in 2016 and rebroadcast on Sunday evening on TF1 (pending the fourth opus, scheduled for December 8 at the cinema), the nouveau riche of Bouzolles set out to conquer America. Behind the clichés in shambles, a rather pragmatic French comedy recipe.

In 2002, during the promotion of But who killed Pamela Rose, Olivier Baroux had expressed the wish to make a film about a man whose dreams come true, literally. And suddenly the nightmares too. An interesting idea on paper and above all an ambitious project that he said he wanted to achieve when he was sure to have the sufficient means to give shape to the ideal he had in mind. We are in 2016 and after a gaggle of comedies released at a Stakhanovist rhythm (Tonight I sleep at your place, Safari, Italian, We walked in Bangkok, Between friends…), the filmmaker realizes Les Tuche 2 – the American dream, continuation of the film The Tuche released 5 years before.

Let’s quickly go over the story: the script fits on a used metro ticket and the feature film does not hide it since it condenses the first opus into a 5-minute intro like a summary of the previous episodes. The Tuches were poor and boorish, they won the lottery, they are now extremely rich and still boastful but have learned that love in your heart is more important than money. This time, it is no longer Monaco that they will mark with a hot iron but Los Angeles; and the “moral” of the film will remain exactly the same.

5 things to know about Les Tuche

Beaufs of France

If it doesn’t really make you dream, we don’t have a bad time in front The Tuche 2. Because Olivier Baroux’s comedy is not really a film, rather a series of sketches reminiscent of several periods of the Comedy channel. Wobbly, uneven, sometimes clumsy, humor achieves its goal when it assumes as absurd as possible and detached from the constraints of realism – in short, when the film no longer even tries to be one.
Concretely, the starting point is non-existent, the plot too, the outcome is sent in a mind-blowing way and the characters are all gimmicks: the rapper wannabe son who does not know how to speak correctly, the Nunuche girl and her star dreams, the granny drunk and parents modeled on the famous ” beauf of France “. It is therefore not surprising to see that the roles of Jean-Paul Rouve and Sarah Stern are nothing more than clean versions of Marcel from the Radio Bière Foot sketches and Mélanie from the Bertrand.çacom mini-series. Elsewhere, it would be a handicap. Elsewhere, that is to say in one of those innumerable comedies which make the mistake of believing that they can transform sketch characters into movie heroes (Coco, Chouchou, Disco, Camping…). The Tuche 2 does not try to pass himself off as what he is not – a film – but accepts his weakness and his taste for the absurd and that is what saves him. Moreover, when the scenario falls back into the faults of the first film and tries to raise issues, whatever they are, it is the serious fault. Thus the moral dilemma of Donald, the youngest of the Tuche, the only character to have any semblance of a narrative arc, falls completely flat and ends up being the weakest element of the whole. No, what works in The Tuche, it’s Rouve in a permanent one-man show with an infamous toupee on his head.

It would be pointless to regret the project which seemed to motivate Olivier Baroux almost 15 years ago. Without aiming at the masterpiece, by fully accepting its lack of cinematographic ambition, The Tuche 2 manages to be much friendlier than much of the French comedy production.

Trailer of Tuche 2 :

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