Les Tuche 2: The biggest French card of 2016 on TV on Sunday evening

TMC continues to broadcast comedies with Isabelle Nanty and Jean-Paul Rouve.

Few films will be offered this Sunday on television, the election night being in the spotlight on TF1 and France 2. M6 will however reschedule Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and TMC, Les Tuche 2: the American dream. The comedy ofOlivier Baroux was a hit in theaters when it was released, attracting 4.6 million cinema viewers, compared to 1.5 million for the first opus. It is the biggest French success of 2016, and the 2and simply top notch, since only the Disney animated film zootopia succeeded in dethroning it (it finished its race at 4.8 million).

Zootopia beat Les Tuche 2 at the 2016 French box office

The history of Tuche 2: “Les Tuches, a modest French family, sees their life change after winning 100 million euros in the lottery.
Thanks to money from his parents, the youngest of the siblings, Donald, known as “coin-coin” goes to Los Angeles for a month to improve his English.
It is on the campus of the University of LA that he meets Jennifer, daughter of a famous American financier.
Donald, impressed by this family which is the opposite of his own, feels obliged to lie about the Tuches, convinced that the two families will never meet.
When the Tuches arrive in Los Angeles to surprise Donald, things will not go as planned, but then not at all.”

Les Tuche 2 is not a movie, and that’s why it works (a little)

Liberty, equality, fraternity

Logically, after such a phenomenon, the director quickly worked on sequels. In 2018, Jeff Tuche thus wreaked havoc at the Elysée, and attracted 5.6 million moviegoers. Again, only an animated film from Disney studios did better at the box office: The Incredibles 2 and its 5.8 million admissions. A fourth opus was released last December and brought together 2.4 million people in theaters, the 7th best score of the year, quite far behind the 7.3 and 4 million Spider-Man: No Way Home and Dying can wait. As for French productions, however, only Kaamelott, by Alexandre Astier, did better by attracting 2.6 million onlookers. Olivier Baroux has already shared his ideas for a number 5. What adventures await the Tuches this time? Patience.

Here is the trailer for the second installment:

The Tuche 4 and Tuchemania: “Unconsciously, we wanted to make The Simpsons in the cinema”

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