Les Tuche 3: Jeff Tuche wreaks havoc at the Élysée [critique]

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Eskwad Pathe Films / Arnaud BORREL

Jean-Paul Rouve devours everything and everyone in his path.

Released in early 2018 at the cinema, The Tuche 3 will be broadcast for the first time in clear, this Sunday on TF1. Here is our review.

After winning 100 million euros in the lottery and going on a road trip to the United States, the Tuche family finds itself this time… at the Élysée Palace. Jeff Tuche, who became mayor of Bouzolles, is running for the presidential election to try to get the TGV to pass through his town and reach the highest peak in the state, thanks to a series of improbable circumstances.

Olivier Baroux tells us all about Les Tuche 3

The Tuche 3 almost understood the flaws of the first two, which were desperately trying to make sense and thicken the characters. By no longer even pretending to have a story, the comedy frees itself from any scriptwriting constraints once it has achieved its goal: to make Jeff Tuche the President of the Republic. Olivier Baroux then allows himself to dive into anything and transform The Tuche 3 in delirious sketches film, a Jean-Paul Rouve show which crushes everything in its path and leaves virtually no room for the rest of the cast, with the notable exception of Isabelle Nanty.

Merkel vs Tuche

No formal ambition here, moreover The Tuche 3 might as well have been thought of as a TV movie from TF1 that we would not have made the difference. But it’s hard not to get caught up in these sketches which are linked together at lightning speed (Jeff Tuche takes part in a televised debate, Jeff Tuche receives the nuclear suitcase, Jeff Tuche organizes a council of ministers…). Everything works in its small closed universe which allows all the madness, even to flirt with the stupidity a little filthy. In climax, an improbable meeting at the top between Jeff Tuche and Angela Merkel, played to perfection by François Bureloup. Undoubtedly the best of the three, but the most teasing will say that it was not complicated.

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5 things to know about Les Tuche

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