Les Vedettes: three new sketches before the Palmashow film

“Never opportunistic”, the duo returns with three funny videos to teaser their new comedy.

Article updated on February 9 – When it comes to creativity for their sketches, the duo of Palmashow no shortage of ideas. After an absence of almost two years, fans were getting impatient for the return of Gregory Ludig and David Marsais on Youtube. As the two actors announce the imminent release of their new film The stars, three new sketches have just been published on the video platform. And the least we can say is that “it’s going to explode” in this promotional campaign:

Having fun with “director’s cut” Where “editor’s cut”the Palmashow imagines others like the TF1’s cut, the special effects’s cut guys, the screenwriter’s cut, the box office’s cut (with Dany Boon and Kad Merad as guests)…

And to this first explosive announcement, is added a new sketch, rather oriented towards the promotion of their new feature film. Which does not go as planned:

Finally, the Palmashow ends its promotional campaign with a third and last sketch before the release of Featured. After the editing and the web promo, the duo wonders about the reaction of the spectators after viewing. With an unexpected appearance by Jean Mineur as a bonus:

These videos, released on their YouTube channel, aim to promote their new work as actors, six years later The Crazy Story of Max and Leon (2016). Title The stars, this production by Jonathan Barré (third thief of the Palmashow team) follows Stéphane and Daniel in their quest for fame. The feature film is already presented in a musical trailer:

The Stars: the Palmashow seeks glory [bande-annonce]

The stars will be released at the cinema from today.

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