Les Vedettes: “We learned from Quentin Dupieux about Mandibles”

Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais tell us about their new comedy, but also about their collaboration with the director of Au poste.

Tonight, Canal + will broadcast, for the first time on television (encrypted) mandibles, by Quentin Dupieux. A comedy with a delirious pitch: “Two low-ceilinged friends discover a perpetually hungry giant fly in the trunk of a stolen car. They decide to train it.”

The friends in question are embodied by the Palmashow duo, David Marsais and Gregory Ludig, who will return to cinemas on February 16 with their second film, The stars. They tell us about it in the new First (No. 526 with The Batman on the cover), when explaining why they had left little room for improvisation on this new collaboration with Jonathan Barré after The Crazy Adventure of Max and Leon. “We are very academic, first details Ludig. We prefer to have a solid base rather than arriving on set and figuring out what to do, because it never works. Improvisation exists but it can only be born if everything is clear and framed.”

“We also learned from Quentin Dupieux about mandibles, precisely because he has a method which is his own and which is very particular, which assigns to each scene a precise objective to avoid getting lost in the improvisations and that the ideas which one finds at the time come to parasitize the essential. We weren’t inspired by his method, but on set we understood his way of working a little.”, adds his friend Marsais, before concluding: “When it doesn’t work anymore, you have to go back to the text and say to yourself: What makes this scene bad? It’s often linked to the text, and we relied on that a lot when shooting , to tell oneself that the mechanics don’t work because there’s a problem with the text. It’s never a problem with the direction, it’s always the text. We are always ready to sacrifice good valves so as not to lose the trajectory of the story.”

Here is the trailer for mandibles, to (re)see this evening on the 4th channel (and also available on VOD on Première Max):

Mandibles: Dupieux leaves us unsatisfied [critique]

And here is the one of Featured, which is inspired by the hit game shows:

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