Lethal Weapon 5 Live Streaming?

This sequel directed by Mel Gibson would be broadcast on HBO Max.

We were learning this weekend from Mel Gibson in person that he counted himself stage Lethal Weapon 5, after four opuses in the role of Martin Riggs, all directed by Richard Donner, who died last July, and worn as a duet with Danny Glover, released in theaters between 1987 and 1998. Deadline provides some clarifications, explaining that this resumption of the torch is perceived by Gibson as “a way to continue to develop this film as a pure tribute to his friend and director of the franchise”, and adds that “The film would be designed for HBO Max, as the service is in the process of building a catalog of films to be discovered on the platform.”

If we do not yet know when Gibson and Glover will be able to re-team, given that the former will be very busy in the coming months with the series derived from John Wick, The Continental, this clarification about HBO Max comes as a surprise, suggesting that the film will not be unveiled first in theaters. Will Warner Bros. release it on the big screen and stream at the same time in the United States? This strategy was put in place throughout 2021 in response to the Covid-19 epidemic (from Wonder Woman 1984 To Dune, the firm’s recent blockbusters were released in this way in the US), but the studio is supposed to review its formula next year. This clarification concerning Lethal Weapon 5 rather announces a broadcast exclusively in streaming? And what will happen elsewhere, in countries like France where HBO Max has not yet been launched? We should know more in the coming months, once Mel Gibson has completed filming of the series and can devote himself fully to Lethal Weapon 5.

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