Letitia Wright did antivax propaganda on the set of Black Panther 2

Marvel Studios / Screen Capture

Miles Teller (The Offer) and Ron Schneider (Home Team) also complicate the shoots by refusing to be vaccinated.

The Hollywood Reporter details the new Hollywood protocols put in place to make filming and series shooting as secure as possible in these times of global epidemic. Beginning by recounting how a big studio lost a lot of money this summer, when a star (not named) caught the Covid and passed it on to several people on the crew of his film being filmed, which had to stop taking pictures for several weeks, the magazine then focuses on several concrete cases: The Offer and Black panther 2 on your mind. The Paramount series is worn by Miles Teller, and if it is not openly cited, the 34-year-old comedian, unvaccinated, tested positive last July. This also imposed a long and costly shooting stoppage on the production (THR talks about $ 6 million). As for Marvel, the studio will start on October 15 a new system of protection of the teams on the set of its blockbusters and its super-series to detect in the blink of an eye who is vaccinated or not. When team members can show a full vaccination passport, they will receive a colorful bracelet to wear on the tray. If they do not have it, it is because they will be considered potentially at risk. A situation imposed following the decisions of several people not to be vaccinated, like Letitia wright, the British actress who plays Shuri, the sister of Black Panther in Wakanda Forever.

Having deleted her Twitter account after sharing an anti-vax video last December, she returned to the film sets in June, without being vaccinated, and has since cut ties with part of the American film crew. Ryan Coogler, reveals THR : An anonymous source tells us that she shared her anti -ax views on the Atlanta set. The British actress has also distanced herself from all of her American representatives after suffering negative attacks following her anti-vaccination video. shared in December. “

Conversely, influential figures such as Sean Penn have tried to impose 100% vaccinated teams on the sets of their films: the actor and director of The Last Flag even left the set of his miniseries Gaslit, in July, threatening not to return until the whole team is vaccinated. He finally found a compromise two months later, details the paper, which specifies that there were still a handful of people against the vaccination within the film crew.

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