L’Événement by Audrey Diwan is released in the USA as abortion is questioned

It is in a particularly tense political context, between pro and anti-abortion, that the French film arrives this week in American theaters. We can no longer “in tune with the times”, judges the director.

Golden Lion in Venice last year, The Event is released on Friday in the United States, more than six months after its French release. And if the film – which earned Anamaria Vartolomei the César for Best Female Hope – takes place in 1963 in France, it already has a very special resonance across the Atlantic, since it tells how a young woman took all the risks to have an abortion, at a time when abortion was still illegal. However, America is on the brink of crossing the Rubicon and suppressing Roe v. Wade, which constitutionally authorizes abortion in all of the United States. The Supreme Court, now with a conservative majority, seems to be about to make a decision and the country has been on fire for a few days.

Anamaria Vartolomei, from My Little Princess at L’Evénement

In this hyper-tense political context, The Event obviously going to make a lot of noise in the coming days in the USA: “When I started to imagine this subject, everyone asked me why I wanted to do it at that time… But today, everyone tells me that the film is particularly in the air of the weather…”comments Audrey Diwandirector, in Variety.

In The Event, it features Anne, a promising student who aims to use her education to climb the social ladder. But she finds herself pregnant and desperate. His friends abandon him and his future is at stake in a race against time… “I wanted to tell this story as a thrillerr”, continues Diwan who explains that the situation of Anne, who does not have the financial means to find a safe solution, will be the one that many Americans will face, if the stop is removed.

“The story I’m telling is about a poor woman. If you have money, you can go to another country and find a place where it’s legal and find a way to have a safe abortion. However, the working class, from which Anne comes, experiences these problems differently.” And Audrey Diwan to point out that six of the nine members of the Supreme Court are men. “What right do they have to determine if women have access to abortion? I would love to show them this film. Abortion is a very complicated decision. It is even difficult to be pregnant, when you want a baby. For these men, this is all theoretical.”

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