L’Hermine: Sidse Empress

Facing the imperial Fabrice Luchini, she is the charming asset of L’Hermine by Christian Vincent. But who is Sidse Babett Knudsen?

Update of November 18, 2021: On the occasion of the rebroadcast of Hermine, this evening on France 3, we republish our portrait of the actress Sidse babett knudsen, excellent against Fabrice Luchini. Since this film, she has multiplied the projects: the series Westworld, The Girl from Brest, ofEmmanuelle Bercot, as well asInferno, the blockbuster of Ron howard.

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News of November 24, 2015: France, land of welcome. The formula also applies to foreign actors who make the happiness, sometimes greatness, of our cinema. In this area, actresses occupy a special place: Lea Massari To Victoria Abril and Monica Bellucci, of Marthe Keller To Kristin scott thomas and Diane kruger, through the essential Romy Schneider, many are the female stars that the French public has adopted and integrated into the national heritage. Danish Sidse babett knudsen will she follow the same path? Will “Sissé” succeed Sissy in the hearts of the French?

Iron Woman

2010. The broadcast of the series Borgen in Denmark shakes the planet series fan. Everyone has eyes only for Birgitte Nyborg, this woman of power that Sidse Babett Knudsen embodies with a mixture of cold seduction, feminine softness and martial firmness. The influence of the series – praised for its writing skills – is such in the country of Andersen that it would have, according to some, convinced the undecided to vote for Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Prime Minister, also centrist, of 2011 to 2015. The legend is running. On Arte, where it is broadcast from 2012, Borgen makes audiences like everywhere else in the world. Sidse Babett Knudsen is the first to benefit from this overexposure. The Wikipedia page devoted to her quickly mentions her mastery of English but also of French, which she learned during the six years spent with us when she was a student. This is useful when, like her, you come from a country that is certainly dynamic from a cinematographic point of view, but where only 25 to 30 films are produced per year (compared to 200 in France) and from which only three filmmakers of international stature (Lars Von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, Susanne Bier).

The woman in leather

It is well known: the English shoot first. The first post-filmBorgen for Sidse will therefore be British. In the formidable The Duke of Burgundy of Peter Strickland, she takes the viewers of the series by surprise by playing an aristocrat who loves SM games that she practices with her handyman. Strapped in leather outfits that reveal her voluptuous silhouette, Sidse, in her forties triumphant, troubled, with unparalleled chic, spectators of all ages and all sexes. She is not only beautiful, she has dog, a je ne sais quoi of Latin animality passed through the sieve of the Nordic detention. Above all, she perpetuates this image of mistress-woman that she established in Borgen and whose subsequent roles seem to offer subtle variations.

The mature woman

Christian Vincent succumbs in turn to Sidse’s charisma. For Hermine, a film that marks his reunion with Fabrice Luchini 25 years later The Discreet, the French director calls on the Danish actress who plays a great surgeon called upon to be a juror in the context of a trial led by Luchini as president of the atrabilary assize court. Who better than she could give a response to the greatest thief of French scenes by opposing him an immediate charisma, an almost silent presence? Who better than she could embody the fantasy of a misanthrope? Sidse. Twice Sidse. This duo of opposites, ice and fire, eats the screen with rare evidence.

Sidse’s international career has only just begun and strangely marries the film of Tom hanks that she will find in quick succession in A Hologram for the King of Tom tykwer and in Inferno of Ron howard. She will also be from Westworld, the highly anticipated new series from JJ Abrams from the anticipation film Mondwest. Sidse does not let go of the hexagon, however. Emmanuelle Bercot, interpretation prize in Cannes for My king and director of Heads up, chose her to play Irène Frachon, this pulmonologist who denounced the Mediator scandal. Another role of a strong woman about which Bercot recently confided to us that she saw no one other than Sidse to seize it. Neither do we, actually. “Sissé” on a royal road?

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