Liam Neeson: “Thanks to Non-Stop, I can now fight in an airplane toilet”

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Non stop Liam Neeson

This action film returns at 9:19 p.m. on C8.

In Nonstopthis evening on C8, Liam Neeson dons the costume of Bill Marks, a sky marshall or plainclothes cop on board an airliner to deal with the unexpected. You won’t miss it: during a London-New York flight, Bill receives messages from a terrorist who is demanding 150 million dollars to prevent him from killing a passenger every twenty minutes… Helped by a chief of smart cabin (Michelle Dockery), Bill will have to find the murderer. Uplifting Series B, Is Non-Stop really a Taken in the plane ? Do you need to know how to fight to be an air hostess? Are English actors really the best? When the film was released in 2013, we asked this kind of question to Liam, Michelle and the director Jaume Collet-Serra

To describe to others the kind of NonstopI am content to say that it is “the last Liam Neeson”and that’s enough… That’s it, have you become an archetype of action cinema?
Liam Neeson: Archetype? Mmmm. I do not believe. I made 65 films before. It was far from being all action movies…
Jaume Collet-Serrra: Liam brings a lot more to his roles than action. But it’s true that since Taken things have changed.
Liam Neeson: Yes. There are no more Albanians left to kill.
Jaume Collet-Serrra: As a director, I have much more than an action hero. I have a genius actor. The films I make are only told through the point of view of a single character, who has to solve a problem, in a very Hitchcockian way. The advantage with Liam is that he is also very physical, and he can kick ass without any problem. We try to do things realistically.

Michelle, you play in Downtown Abbey. Are you guaranteed to have a job for the next twenty years?
Michelle Dockery:
I’m especially lucky to play in a series that hooks people to this point, it’s very rare. Fortunately the roles that I am offered are different from that of Lady Mary Crawley…

In your opinion, why do we see so many English actors on the screens?
Liam Neeson:
During the 80s, Gary Oldman, Gabriel Byrne and myself, we were already getting into it for the same roles. Today, it is a real boulevard for English actors in the USA. I wish it worked both ways. See more American actors in English films.

Orson Welles said that English actors are better because they don’t think they know more than the director, and they didn’t have the Actor’s Studio method to rot their heads…Liam Neeson: I believe he was wrong. Downright. OK, in England we have a strong theatrical background, but American actors have revolutionized acting… We learned so much by watching them perform. Not only Marlon Brando : Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro of cours, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore

To go back to Nonstop, how did you present the film to the actors? This is Taken by plane ?
Jaume Collet Serra: No. I said it was a movie way Agatha Christie. The camera, the countdown… But in fact, it was Liam who brought me the script.
Liam Neeson: He’s the producer Joel Silver who made me follow the script. I read it all at once, and I said to myself that I would love to do it with Jaume. There was nothing to think about.

This is also what happened on Run All Nightyour next film together?
Jaume Collet Serra:
There, it was I who brought the script. Anyway, we don’t stop talking about projects. Some get done and some don’t.

Liam Neeson: “The Passenger is a bit like Non-Stop, but on a train”

You have learned quite a few combat techniques during your career. What did you learn about Nonstop ?
Liam Neeson:
We worked with a former Special Forces. The challenge was to work in a very reduced environment: the cabin of an airplane. And we had to make the fights look realistic. And not superheroes. Especially the fight in the toilet. It’s my new skill. “Toilet fight”. I now know how to fight in an airplane lavatory. We mainly use his thumbs to block veins (he makes the gesture of pressing on his jugular).

Michelle, you didn’t have to train in combat for the role of stewardess…
Michelle Dockery: First, I play a purser. And actually, Deborah, an actual Delta Airlines purser, came on set from time to time. Debbie, who was really strong, showed me self-defense gestures that flight attendants should know in case, to take care of certain passengers… I like physical roles, it comes from my dancer background. I would have liked to do more.
Interview Sylvester Picard

Trailer of Nonstop :

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