Liam Neeson wants to save lives in action-packed Ice Road trailer

While breaking faces in passing, hey.

The new Liam Neeson hits theaters on August 4, just to cool off since Ice road takes place in the Canadian Far North. Once is not custom, Neeson does not play a super-killer on the return but a super-truck driver, hired to lead a rescue operation: rescue twenty-six workers stranded by the collapse of their mine by bringing the gear necessary for their survival. To get there, you will have to cross the “icy road” of the title, 500 km on a frozen lake. But rest assured, as tradition dictates, bandits will attack the rescue convoy and Liam will have to pull out the guns. As he says: “it was personal, now I hate”. Yupi, but is that Ice road will know how to beat Cold blood (released in 2019, where he drove a snow plow while killing people) as “the best movie where Liam Neeson kills people” as the poster swore? The directing presence of Jonathan Hensleigh, writer of A Day in Hell and script doctor of a bunch of cool 90s stuff (Rock, 60 seconds flat, The wings of hell) and unfortunately director of The Punisher in 2004 with Thomas Jane, is she there to reassure us? In any case, this trailer is very nice, in the genre Wages of fear meet Runaway Train in the freezer.

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