Liar: Tarek Boudali’s lies come true [bande-annonce]

Olivier Baroux’s new comedy will be released in cinemas on July 13.

After the fourth installment of TucheOlivier Baroux returns with a new comedy entitled Liar. A story freely adapted from the eponymous Quebec film by Émile Gaudreault released in 2019, whose main character is a mythomaniac who exceeds those around him. Until one fine morning he wakes up and realizes that now his lies are literally coming to life.

For the first role, Baroux went to seek Tarek Boudali from La bande à Fifi, and to surround him: Pauline Clément from the French comedy, Artus, Louise Coldefy (Family Business) or even Bertrand Usclat.

Liar will be released in theaters on July 13. Trailer :

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