Life is a long calm river: praise of the “evil spirit” of Etienne Chaturez

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Life is a long quiet river
Telema, MK2, FR3 Cinema

The cult comedy returns tonight on TMC.

The creaking humor of Life is a long quiet river, the comedy of Etienne Chatayez, has not aged a bit, 33 years after its release. We were already laughing at “bad spirit” of the director – who then signed his first film after having made a career in advertising – in the number of First published in February 1988. “If you like Manichaeism, the contrasts between black and white, nice and nasty, beautiful and ugly, you must see the edifying spectacle of two very French families, wrote Bertrand Mosca. (…) At the Redcurrants, we don’t give a damn about everything and we let the children go about their business (snorting glue in secret, farting with beer from the age of twelve …) while at the Le Quesnoys, we see each other, we put our hands on the table and we do not forget that ‘Monday, it’s ravioli!’ Life is a long quiet river could have been content to be an ironic and perverse film about the little things of two family lives, irresistibly caricatured, and therefore comical. But it was without counting on the evil spirit of Etienne Chativez for whom humor is not an end in itself. The laughter quickly turns sly, then squeaky and, on occasion, moving. A cup of saving laughter and a scorching good mood. “

Life is a long quiet river will return at 9:15 p.m. on TMC.

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