Lightyear is not a prequel to the Buzz Lightyear toy

It is a movie about the (human) astronaut that served as a model for the toys.

Pixar unveiled this week Lightyear’s first trailer, by Angus MacLane (the co-director of Dory’s World) presented by the studio as a prequel to Toy story dedicated to Buzz Lightyear. A video inspired by the best of works devoted to the conquest of space, evoking both films (2001 A Space Odyssey, Interstellar, Ad Astra, Alien…), series (Lost in space) or video games (Mass Effect). All punctuated by David Bowie’s hit, “Starman”. If this montage is very intriguing, it appealed to a few spectators, who commented on this trailer by wondering why Pixar was preparing the prequel to a toy, which we already knew by heart.

The man behind the toy

Buzz Lightyear’s realization that he’s a toy was already central to the saga Toy story, and the animation studio does not intend to repeat itself with this film, which will in fact be devoted to the astronaut, human, who has become so popular that his image has been declined in children’s toys. The hero of the film is therefore the man behind the toy, even if the nuance is not necessarily obvious, both being animated characters. This justifies in passing the change of voice of the character: Buzz was so far voiced by Tim Allen, but it is Chris evans (Captain america), who was chosen to lend his voice to the “true” buzz. The actor had insisted on this point when he was announced to the casting, in December 2020: “Just to be clear, this isn’t a Buzz Lightyear the Toy movie. It’s the origin story of the Human Buzz Lightyear, from which the toy is taken.”

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By sharing the trailer, he also once again shared his enthusiasm for dubbing this important Pixar character : “I got goosebumps. And that will be the case as soon as I see this trailer again. Or hear a Bowie song. Or have the slightest thought between now and July, because nothing is wrong. Makes me more happy than knowing that I’m part of this project. Basically, it’s always in the back of my mind. (…) Animated films are a huge part of my youth. They were my escape route. My adventures. My dreams. They were my first window to the magic of storytelling and acting performances. To Pixar and Angus MacLane: ‘Thank you’ hardly comes close to what I want to tell you. “

Lightyear is due on June 22, 2022 at the cinema.

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