Linda Cardellini returns to the MCU in new Hawkeye trailer

Linda Cardellini Hawkeye

Clint Barton’s wife will be in the Disney Plus series.

Apart from her little cameo in Endgame (in 2019), Laura Barton has not been seen in the Marvel Universe since 2015 and Age of Ultron. Corn Linda cardellini gonna make a comeback in the MCU, for the series Hawkeye Disney Plus, as the new trailer posted by the streamer last night.

We see Clint’s wife worrying about not seeing her husband come home. Still. Because he is fighting. Still. But this time not alone, since he is accompanied by his new protégé, Kate Bishop, almost as gifted as him with arrows!

Visibly, Hawkeye had just planned to take his kids to New York, to see a Broadway musical (about the Avengers!). And then things took a turn for the worse. Former opponents of Ronin, the dark alter-ego of Clint Barton during the Thanos snap, have found him and seem determined to make him pay …

Series Hawkeye in 6 episodes will be on view on the Disney Plus platform from November 24 until the end of the year celebrations.

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