Loki and Sylvie: an almost incestuous romance?

Loki and Sylvie

“I don’t see them as brother and sister.”

Loki Laufeyson had a funny trip on the Disney Plus series. An adventure that even saw the character of the MCU offer his first love emotions! And not with just anyone, since the God of Mischief is linked to Sylvie, a variant of himself from another reality, against a backdrop of temporal chaos. A bizarre relationship, but not incestuous according to the director of Loki, Kate Herron, who has answer in Polygon to the controversy born of this love story and the kiss of the finale:

“My interpretation is that they’re both Lokis, but they’re not the same person. I don’t see them as siblings. They have completely different backgrounds and I think that’s really important to her. above all. They have somehow the same role in terms of universe and destiny, but they will not make the same decisions … “

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For Kate Herron, see Loki falling in love with Sylvie is simply an exploration of “self love“- in a very literal sense: “The show goes into abyss and asks the question: what makes us who we are? I mean, look at all the Lokis in the show, they’re all completely different … I think ‘there is something beautiful about his romantic relationship with Sylvie. They are not interchangeable personalities. “

We will have the opportunity to see where this romance goes in season 2 of Loki, coming soon to Disney Plus.

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