Loki: David Fincher was a big influence on the Marvel series

Loki: David Fincher was a big influence on the Marvel series

Especially Seven and Zodiac.

The broadcast of the series Loki started this Wednesday, June 9, on Disney Plus, and the team took advantage of its launch to give some details on its creation during a round table relayed by Deadline. The director and co-producer of the show, Kate Herron, said in particular that the very dark thrillers of David Fincher had been a great source of inspiration for her and the team. “Seven is really a huge influence”, she begins, before screenwriter Michael Waldon finishes his sentence: “Yes, we did think of Fincher, for sure. Personally, especially at Zodiac … This film was mentioned a lot in the writing room. I imagined Loki as DB Cooper, so I kept that in mind. “ A name aptly mentioned by Marvel fans last December, just after seeing a teaser of the series where Loki, in a suit and black glasses, escaped from a plane. A scene that seems to be directly inspired by the escapades of the American hijacker, whom the FBI has pursued for nearly 50 years!

Is Loki the DB Cooper hijacker in the Disney + series?

However, do not expect too serious a story or “dark”, since Tom hiddleston took pleasure in finding Loki’s costume. “He has such an ease to play comedyexclaims Waldon. This is one of the reasons that working with Tom is such a joyful experience. “” That’s right, I love playing this character, I’ve always liked it, retorts the actor, who is not bored for a second in this role. He allows you to play so many different things … It’s never the same with him. Besides, there, Loki is far from everything he was used to: he loses his status, his power … “

A word on his comeback after the events in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame ? Warning, spoilers: Loki is killed by Thanos in the third film before returning thanks to the time travel of part of the Avengers, which allows him to escape in another timeline. Speaking of which, it’s Marvel executive producer Kevin Feige who responds: “We didn’t know yet (that we would bring him back) by making Infinity War. However, we had made this decision for Endgame and it was really exciting to keep the audience waiting! (Laughs)”

Here is the trailer for Loki :

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