Loki: Owen Wilson talks about Mobius and Ravonna after episode 4

Loki mobius

“Mobius will sort of have the same doubts as Loki now. What is this organization?”

The last episode of Loki, “The Nexus Event” delivered a series of major game-changing twists, especially for Agent Mobius – and the rest of TVA! Owen Wilson gives his opinion on these totally unforeseen upheavals and speaks in passing about his character’s relationship with Judge Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) … Attention spoilers!

“The relationship between Mobius and Renslayer is kind of the kind of relationship you might have with your boss,” Wilson explains to Marvel.com. “Or at school with the principal or someone in a position of authority who you have to kind of try to charm in order to be able to pursue your projects … That’s the dynamic between Mobius and Renslayer “.

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According to him Ravonna has “lost patience“with Mobius and his stratagems and that’s why she downright dematerialized it in this episode 4 of Loki. “But in my opinion she also likes him to be a bit naughty like this …”

Of course, the relationship between Mobius and Renslayer has suffered a few hitches and will turn into something “very different“according to Owen Wilson.

Renslayer’s betrayal is quite shocking to Mobius. And it’s a bit of an ice palace. It is all illusion and no one is quite what they appear to be. The same way as Loki, when he ended up at VAT, Mobius will sort of have the same doubts now. What is this organization? And is it something that deserves his dedication? “

We understand in any case that we have not yet seen the end of Mobius, which should be present in the last two episodes of Loki, starting Wednesday on Disney Plus.

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