Loki: Sylvie is not Lady Loki, claims actress Sophia DiMartino

Sophia Di Martino Lady Loki

“Sylvie’s story is not the story of Loki being reborn as Lady Loki.”

Sylvie made a smashing entrance into the MCU. If episode 4 of Loki Learned a little more about this Variant tracked down by the VAT, there are still a lot of gray areas to be clarified. But the actress Sophia DiMartino already reveals in Reverse that his character is not that of Lady Loki comics:

“Sylvie’s story is not the story of Loki being reborn as Lady Loki. It is not the specific story we are telling.”

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In an interview she gave to Première, DiMartino already explained that Loki told an original story, not understand taken directly from the comics.

She sues for Reverse : “I think the story we tell is not necessarily about the fluidity of genres, the non-binarity of Loki, but rather the fact that Sylvie is a variant of Loki … But she is Sylvie, a character and a whole person. “

We will certainly learn a little more in the last two episodes of Loki, coming to Disney Plus.

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