Loki: the 5 major moments to remember from episode 5

Loki episode 5

While waiting for the finale and the (probable) arrival of Kang, here is what we will keep from this appetizer.

It wasn’t the best episode of Loki. But this episode 5 still laid a solid foundation for bringing the Disney Plus Marvel series to its grand finale next week. This is what we will remember. Attention spoilers!

Alioth, one more step towards Kang

The most essential element in this episode 5 of Loki was undoubtedly Alioth’s introduction. But who is this massive and threatening monstrous cloud that reigns over this “end of time”? In the comics, it’s a “transtemporal” entity that destroys timelines. Alioth is the first entity to break free from time itself. And the only kingdom where Alioth does not have the upper hand is Chronopolis! Chronopolis is the realm of time, that of the wicked “time-traveler”: Kang the Conqueror. It sits on the outskirts of Limbo (or End Times, as in the series). It’s certainly a piece of Chronopolis that Loki and Sylvie discover, hidden behind Alioth, at the very end of the episode (note that there is no post-credits scene this week). There is little doubt: Kang should make his entry into the MCU in the finale!

Alioth marvel

Loki: Sylvie is not Lady Loki, claims actress Sophia DiMartino

Mobius and Loki are now friends

He obviously survived and Owen Wilson is not done with Marvel yet. Mobius has found Loki in this episode 5, and they fell into each other’s arms. Because now, the VAT agent and the Variant are truly friends. It remains to be seen whether Mobius will survive in the end, he who returned to VAT alone to destroy it. We imagine that he will deliver a final fight against Ravonna in episode 6. Loki Will he reunite with his buddy in the MCU sequel? Nothing is less sure.

Old Loki, this version that wants you good

The excellent Richard E. Grant embodies the old Loki, another version of the character, but who seems wiser, with a certain distance. A totally selfless being. Indeed, he says he went into exile on a planet, living alone for years, after realizing that he only generated evil. Good” Loki which proves to “our” Loki that he can also perfectly well turn his back on his dark side and fall into the camp of good. As a response to what Mobius told him in episode 4: “You can choose to be a good person … “

Old loki

But what is this Loki sword?

Before he goes to face Alioth, Loki receives a biblical gift from Kid Loki: a magical slamming sword! A weapon that obviously recalls Mjöllnir, Thor’s hammer. And for good reason, this blade is also directly from Nordic mythology, where it is made by Loki himself. Named Lævateinn, this ancestral sword also appears from time to time in comics. And we understand that she could accompany from now on Loki in the MCU.

Loki sword

Power tenfold

“I think we are stronger than we imagine …” Seeing Old Loki unleash his magic to trap Alioth, our Loki suddenly realizes that he too is capable of doing great things. That immense power is hidden in him. Starting with that of the Enchantress. The power that Sylvie masters to perfection and that she brings out in Loki in the last scene of episode 5. Certainly at the end of the series, the God of Mischief will come back stronger than ever in the MCU.

Loki powers

Bonus: who is Thor the Frog?

You too have seen him hopping! In the middle of the episode, a curious Frog Thor stuck underground seems to be trying to get out of his jar to reach his hammer … Who is this creature? In reality, it is certainly a nod to Marvel Comics’ “Throg”. Behind is Simon Walterson, a human who was cursed to become a frog. In the comics, Thor was also transformed into a frog by Loki. However, even after becoming a frog, Thor regained his memories. In addition, the god of thunder still had his divine power and he was still able to lift his hammer. In his journey as a frog, Thor befriends Simon and helps him protect the frogs of Central Park from an army of rats. However, before reverting to his normal form, the God of Thunder gives Simon Walterson a Shard of Mjolnir, and this gives him the powers of Thor, thus giving him the name Throg!

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