Look back at Alita’s awesome cameo: Battle Angel

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Alita: Battle Angel
20th Century Fox

[Spoiler] appears only a few moments on the screen, but what a good idea of ​​cinema!

We take enormous tongs so as not to spoil the surprise: this article should be read AFTER have seen Alita: Battle Angel (this Sunday on TF1).

Realized by Robert rodriguez and carried by Rosa salazar (Alita), Christoph waltz (Ido) or even Ed skrein (Zapan), Alita: Battle Angel is a successful adaptation of manga Gunnm, of Yukito kishiro (our review can be read here). Long headed by James cameron, who discovered this story thanks to Guillermo del Toro, this version shot in performance capture has finally changed director, but it bears the signature of its creator. The daddy of Terminator validated everything, from the screenplay he co-wrote with Laeta Kalogridis visual effects (Alita’s big eyes, that’s her idea, Rodriguez confirmed it) through the choreographies of the fights. It is thus rather disturbing to “see” appear at the end of the film, as Edward Norton (Fight Club, The Incredible Hulk, Birdman…). Especially since it is the bad guy!

20 years ago, Guillermo del Toro introduced Gunnm / Alita: Battle Angel to James Cameron

We explain: while Alita seeks to discover throughout the film what has happened to her in the past, she learns that a certain Nova controls several personalities in her world, directly from Zalem. He is able to become “the eyes” leaders, which is clearly shown through Vector’s character (Mahershala Ali), presented as the puppet of the great villain of the story, which should gain in importance thereafter … For the moment, we glimpse Nova furtively, just enough to understand the extent of his Machiavellian power. And to notice that his look is copied pasted on that of James Cameron. Especially when he arrives for the first time on the screen, equipped with its “control glasses”. With his white locks, his thin face and his smirk, Edward Norton has never looked so much like James Cameron, and vice versa.

A little as Steven Spielberg with Ready Player One, James Cameron can play here with his image as a creator, as a filmmaker who manipulates his stories and characters, as well as his audience. And who, even when calling on another director, sees the overall project and directs it through it. The fact that she is Alita’s main opponent is also an interesting detail, considering the time and all the work he put into bringing this heroine to life in the movies.

Robert Rodriguez: “Alita is a James Cameron movie that he just didn’t have time to direct!”

The secret has been well kept: unlike the other characters in the film who have all been entitled to their poster, Norton, despite his notoriety, does not have a poster in his image. Better: it is not even mentioned on IMDb, the “Bible” of American cinema. A nice shot from 20th Century Fox, which manages to surprise viewers in the age of “any spoiler”.

It remains to be seen if Alita: Battle Angel will finally have a sequel, otherwise the appearance of Nova will remain a simple cameo … With a little over $ 400 million collected at the global box office, we can not say that the blockbuster at 170 million (without counting its promotion) flop. The problem is, it didn’t hit the $ 100 million mark in the US, stopping at $ 85 million, which makes it well regarded as a failure in Hollywood. Following the takeover of Fox by Disney, Alita 2 no longer seems to be among the studio’s priorities, despite repeated requests and messages of support from fans on social networks. Finally, note that since its release, we have learned that James Cameron would have liked find Edward Norton to offer him a role in Avatar 2, but this one declined, because it was not a Na’Vi.

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