Lord of the Rings: Peter Jackson didn’t direct or write his favorite scene

This is the passage where Gollum talks to himself.

Guest of the show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, last December, Peter Jackson spoke about his favorite scene from the trilogy The Lord of the Rings, which had just been released in 4K. This is the passage of Two towers (rebroadcast tonight on TMC) where Gollum / Sméagol chats with himself, and strangely, Jackson neither wrote nor directed the sequence: “ The key with Gollum (…) is that he is Sméagol and Gollum at the same time, as if he were cut in two. But we didn’t have any scene that really showed that this guy is two people at the same time… We knew we needed it, but we didn’t have time to shoot it. “. Very busy on other aspects of the film, Jackson asked his co-writer and co-producer Fran Walsh to create this passage from start to finish: ” She wrote this scene where Sam and Frodo are asleep, so we just guess their bodies in bed. We didn’t need to have Elijah Wood and Sean Astin on site “. The duo could therefore shoot other sequences during this time. ” And we had no one to direct, so I said to Fran: ‘You wrote it, you should direct it’. So she spent a day there and it became quite a famous scene “.

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