Lost in Space: The Epic Season 3 Finale Trailer

Lost in Space season 3

Lost in Space will conclude on Netflix on December 1st.

Farewell Will Robinson! Lost in Space will end in a few days on Netflix. The final season 3 is already unveiled with a long trailer, which gives a lot of clues as to how the remake of Lost in space :

The official synopsis announces that “the tension will be at its height and the survival instinct of the Robinson family put to the test. After being stranded on a mysterious planet for a year, Judy, Penny, Will and the Robot must lead the evacuation of 97 young settlers. But not before some secrets come to light that will change their lives forever. Meanwhile, John and Maureen fight through thick and thin to try to find their children, with Don by their side. Not only are the Robinsons lost, but they also have to deal with the anguish of being separated from those they love as well as the greatest alien threat they have ever known.e. “

This third and final season of Lost in Space will be available in full on December 1, 2021,

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