Lou Lampros, the dazzling revelation of Ma nuit

The young actress carries on her shoulders the first feature film by Antoinette Boulat, a bewitching nocturnal stroll through the streets of Paris. Portrait.


Cinema is so exciting that it never seems able to exhaust our capacity for wonder. my night, Antoinette Boulat’s first feature film, proves it again this week by propelling Lou Lampros into the spotlight with his first major role on the big screen. Screen that she illuminates in each shot (and she is in almost all of them!) where she appears during this bewitching nocturnal wandering in Paris. The desire to act was born very early in this woman who took her first theater lessons at 11 years old before chance – the one that unconsciously we always force a little – made things more concrete. ” I started modeling at 13, thanks to an Italian photographer who spotted me on a bridge in Paris. From then on, I was lucky that the shootings followed one another. Until one day a stylist who was going to be a costume designer on a feature film offered me the opportunity to pass her casting. This role, she wins it. And even if the film never sees the light of day, its fate has just changed again. ” Since I had no idea how to prepare for a role, I called my older brother, a doctor who had an actor friend. And in addition to his advice, he introduced me to the one who was to become my first agent, the first who believed in me: Elise Fécamp.. From then on, everything accelerated. In 2019, she landed her first role on the big screen in Madre by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. And will follow in stride a series Deadly by Edouard Salier, Venice does not exista short film directed by Ana Girardot and three other feature films: night doctor by Elie Wajeman, The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson where she appears briefly in the role of the character of Léa Seydoux as a teenager and In his lifetime by Emmanuelle Bercot where she portrays an apprentice actress in love with her theater teacher, masterfully embodied, with a César award, by Benoît Magimel


But in this journey, in this ascent, my night marks a decisive step. She is Marion, an 18-year-old young woman who decides to flee the family apartment – where her mother and friends commemorate the fifth anniversary of the sudden disappearance of her big sister – to rush into a Parisian night full of surprises. and strong emotions. The first meeting of Lou Lampros with Antoinette Boulat dates from the successive castings of The French dispatch and In his lifetime for which she was responsible. This is where she was born into the desire to make her pass trials for this role of Marion… because in life, Lou is her opposite. ” Lou exudes something so luminous that she brought this essential contrast to this character. Otherwise there would have been enough to hang! “explains the filmmaker. ” Lou immediately reminded me of Monica Vitti in Antonioni’s films. You cannot bring this light which emanates spontaneously from her to someone who does not have it. It can’t be taught. Lou has that gift and what’s more, she’s a real hard worker. Someone who wants to learn. She has been an unwavering support throughout this adventure. Concentrated all the time, all the time thoroughly, precisely when time was lacking. Reading the script immediately thrills the actress. ” Antoinette’s writing is incredibly precise. So I immediately visualize the film she wants to make but without imagining myself for a second in Marion. Moreover, after a first try, when she meets Antoinette Boulat for lunch, she is a thousand miles from guessing that it will end with the proposal to play her, the immense joy… but also the intense pressure that goes with. ” It was the first time that I was going to find myself carrying a film on my shoulders which, moreover, in a role at odds with me. ” To find the way to this Marion, she obviously relies on permanent exchanges with Antoinette Boulat and the films that the latter recommends to her to see: ” Cléo from 5 to 7a lot of Monica Vitti, American honey but also Panic in Needle Park compared to the pair that I form on screen with Tom Mercier (Synonyms) and this idea of ​​meeting these two characters in the street. But, as an anchor, Lou Lampros chooses to start from her: “I just wondered how I would have behaved in his place. And since I was lucky to never have experienced grief like her, I tried to imagine what would have happened if I had lost my sister 5 years before the shoot. What would be my relationship with others, with Paris, with the attacks. » A paying job that disappears on the screen to let appear only grace and dazzling. Lou Lampros transcends this complex role that most often has to be played in silence, without the crutch of dialogue, with a perfect blend of stunning cinematography and finesse in the incarnation of the contradictory emotions that constantly cross her over of a nocturnal stroll populated by moments of moments of anguish arising off-screen before the threats approach. A show of strength…quiet.


Now represented by Cécile Felsenberg (the agent of Benoît Magimel and Emmanuelle Bercot), Lou Lampros continues its irresistible march forward. She shot last fall under the direction of Olivier Assayas for his series Irma Vep. And at the same time, she is preparing for the Conservatory competition at the Atelier Juliette Moltes while preparing under the direction of the latter with fifteen of her comrades a project around suicide. In front of the camera as on the boards, we have therefore not finished hearing about Lou Lampros. Anyone who has had the good fortune to see my night since Wednesday knows how obvious this phrase sounds.

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