Louane: “I love to play, but my job is music”

Meet the one who lends superbly – and doubly! – her voice in the sublime animated film by Mamoru Hosoda, Belle.

This is not the first time that you have been found in the exercise of dubbing, you had already lived this experience on The Trolls, Sahara and The Incredibles 2. What prompted you to repeat it with Belle?

Louane: I received a simple email offering it to me. And I was spontaneously very excited at the idea of ​​working on Japanese animation that I love as a spectator. Until I was told that there were going to be songs. However, I had really decided to separate cinema and music and it is inevitably difficult, in addition, to come back with a soundtrack afterwards The Aries Family. So I admit that I wondered a lot until, even before I could discover the film, I received the soundtrack. And there all my hesitations are gone. I said yes without hesitation. I had rarely heard that. With insane rhythmic quality. So I accepted without having seen the slightest image, nor really knowing the story of Beautiful

And how did you feel when you finally discovered the film?

This story is a slap in the face! An exceptional rewrite of The beauty and the Beast, with references to both Cocteau’s version and that of Disney, as sharp as it is of popular vocation. And this as much in the image as in the music. I love the way this film talks about the Internet without hiding the vigilance that comes with being on the Internet but also celebrating how it can change lives. Not to mention the similarities between the characters of Suzu and his musical double Belle et moi that obviously Mamoru Hosoda could not know. Starting with the drama experienced by Suzu and the fact that she gets away with music! How can I not recognize myself? And since Mamoru gave me carte blanche to play these two characters, I was able to put a lot of myself into it.

How long did the recording take?

Usually it is a day and a half maximum. But for Beautiful, as I play two characters and there are songs, it spanned a big week. And there was a need! We started with the dubbing – one character after another: first Suzu then Belle – before moving on to the songs. It was a very technical exercise. But once again, the emotions, the feelings of these characters, I had them in me. The most complex was probably the recording of the songs. Without doubt the hardest of those I have had to do so far. Because it’s not my usual register and the required range is very high for me. It was a real challenge and I’m not going to say that there weren’t some cracks, but it went well!

How do you see cinema in relation to music?

Cinema is clearly less important than music. And it probably won’t always be. Be careful, I really like playing – even if I think I prefer dubbing because I feel more comfortable there, the absence of a camera giving me a more pleasant freedom to live – but my job is music. Because I can develop my projects there from A to Z and control things. This mastery allows me to always feel better in a recording studio than on a movie set and therefore for the moment to flourish there more. In the cinema, I am much more into learning when I took my first singing lessons at 8 years old! I was certainly clowning at home at that age, but I’m not sure that matters! (laughs)

However, you play regularly …

Yes, last summer, I shot the Visions series for TF1 and I actually had a lot more fun than watching the films. For a basic reason: I don’t like to wait! And the rhythm of a series is necessarily more sustained for reasons of restricted timing to put everything in a box. Nothing is innate to me in the game so I always work a lot upstream – I saw the consequences when I couldn’t do it – and that’s what allows me to have fun on the set. . Besides, I would love to do theater one day, I admit!

You continue to regularly see Eric Lartigau who revealed you in The Aries Family ?

The link has never weakened! We spoke again at the end of last week. It’s a pillar of my life! And if the film had flopped, I know the relationship we have today would have been the same

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