Louane is Belle in Mamoru Hosoda’s new film

The singer and actress, revealed in the cinema in La famille Bélier, is the French voice of the heroine of Hosoda. She doubles the character, and sings her songs.

Three years later Miraï, my little sister, Mamoru hosoda returns to the cinema with Beautiful, a cyber adaptation of the tale of Beauty and the Beast. This musical animated film is full of unique songs, performed by the character of Suzu-Belle, and now sung in French by Louane Emera.

The actress, Caesarized for her role in The Aries family, will lend her voice to the character of Suzu and her alter ego Belle, singing her songs adapted by the composer and musician Cecile Corbel. This returns to Japanese animation, more than ten years after adapting the soundtrack of Arrietty and the little world of thieves from Ghibli Studios. A first look (or rather ear) at the new soundtrack, francized by Corbel, from Beautiful, is already available in this latest trailer:

Teaser of Belle, the new Mamoru Hosoda

With this first extract, we can only rejoice at the choice of singer Louane to embody this double character: her range of voice recalls that of the Japanese interpreter, and succeeds in conveying the emotions that Suzu feels to the viewer, even in a one minute trailer. The French version of Beautiful seems to compete with the Japanese version: it is not known which to prefer at the time of the film’s release, next December 29.

In any case, everything suggests that Louane will remain marked for a time by this dubbing, which she describes on Instagram as “a unique, special and emotional experience” who forced her to go “to look for things very far”. As proof of her testimony, she slips an image taken from life, where the singer seems upset. What attests to the quality of Mamoru Hosoda’s film, presented at Cannes this summer.

Her synopsis: In real life, Suzu is a self-conscious teenager, stuck in her small mountain town with her father. But in U’s virtual world, Suzu becomes Belle, a musical icon followed by over 5 billion followers. A difficult double life for the shy Suzu, who will take an unexpected flight when Beauty meets the Beast, a creature as fascinating as it is frightening. Then begins a virtual crossover between Beauty and the Beast, at the end of which Suzu will discover who she is.

Beautiful, at the cinema on December 29.

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