Louis XXVIII: the crazy series from the creators of Tutotal is filming

Nils Othenin-Girard and Nadia Roz in the cast of the Louis XXVIII series
Emmanuelle Swan; Patrick Robert / M6

From November 8 to December 22, the monarchy is reinstated in France, the King is dead and long live the King!

After the success of their series Tutotal (Arte), the duo Maxime Donzel and Geraldine de Margerie come back with Louis XXVIII, an anachronistic series in a France still under the regime of the monarchy. Presented as “an uchronie, a political satire which draws the source of its comedy in the contrasts “, this series, which will soon be broadcast on France TV Slash, has just started filming at the Château de Champlâtreux. From November 8 to December 22, the monarchy therefore re-established itself in Île-de-France.

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Directed by Géraldine de Margerie and written by de Margerie and Donzel in collaboration with Niels Rahou and Camille Rosset, Louis XXVIII opens today, in a France where the monarchy has never been abolished, while a plane crash costs the lives of the entire royal family. Samia, a naive teacher without authority, learns that her son Cédric, a naive teenager born of a temporary union with a nobleman, is the heir to the throne. Now named Louis XXVIII, Cédric has many projects for the kingdom such as “the abolition of math” but he will come up against the directives of a retrograde regent and ready to do anything to make him stumble … Mother and son are thus propelled into the middle of a Court where perfidy reigns and which does not take a favorable view of the burst of “without teeth” at the Palace…

For its authors, Louis XXVIII is a series of contrasts : “Tradition and modernity, aristocracy and people of France, obscurantist regent and acne teenager, noble conservatives and queen mother daughter of immigrants ” make the salt of this production signed France Television, and whose heart rests in the character of Samia rather than that of Cédric for Geraldine de Margerie and Maxime Donzel. The latter explain in their note of intent that “The central character of the series is Samia, the mother of the king. A somewhat transparent woman that the new responsibilities of her son will force to come out of herself to, in the end, bring him to reveal himself completely. It is well behind the scenes of power, as close as possible to shenanigans and state secrets that this professor from Melun will finally flourish. “ Having wanted to work on the female figure and in particular the maternal figure, she finds herself propelled into an incredible context to multiply all its aspects. Indeed, it is difficult to let your son stand on his own feet when you are a mother, and even more so when you are the mother of a king!

The series, in 10 x 22 ‘format, counts in its cast Nils Othenin Girard in the role of Cédric, future Louis XXVIII, and Nadia roz in the role of his mother Samia. Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus will be Cardinal De Saint Avit, Marie-France Alvarez will be La Pompa, Brice Michelini will be La Vipère and Anne Loiret will be La Générale. Sarah Stern will become Mme De Now and Jacques Bondoux will be The Archbishop. Finally, other actors will complete the cast: Axel Wursten, Maxence Tual, Clara Choi, Florence Muller and Matthieu Roze.

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