Luc Besson accused of rape: the dismissal was confirmed on appeal

Luc Besson unfair dismissal moral harassment
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Sand Van Roy, who filed a complaint in 2018, gives his version of the facts on Twitter, considering that the evidence has not been taken into account.

The director and producer Luc Besson was charged with rape and sexual assault in May 2018 by the actress Sand Van Roy. In February 2019, the case was dismissedthe court holding that “the alleged offense could not be characterized”. Filing a new complaint with an investigating judge in the process, Sand Van Roy had to wait until December 2021 for the case to be tried again. A dismissal was then pronounced in favor of the accused, the judgment falling “the absence of any material element supporting the complainant’s statements”. The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed yesterday, Tuesday May 25, 2022, the dismissal order concerning the rape charges against Luc Besson.

Thierry Marembert, the director’s lawyer, reacted immediately (his remarks are relayed by Le Figaro): “The court confirmed the innocence of my client. A dozen procedural initiatives by Ms. Van Roy all ended in the same way. Luc Besson regrets these four lost years.“For their part, Sand Van Roy’s lawyers, Antoine Gitton and Francis Szpiner, have launched an appeal in cassation, justifying: “It was a sordid news item and it becomes a matter of state, which we will treat as such. I did not see any justice there, only a sham justice of small virtue. We promise to give this little justice a lesson in virtue.” The actress posted a long message on Twitter to give her version of the facts, going back over the different stages of the trial and explaining why she considered that the evidence had not been taken into account.

After the failure ofAnnain 2019 at the cinema, Luc Besson will return as producer ofCurse Arthura horror film set in the universe ofArthur and the Invisiblesscheduled for this summer at the cinema, and it has also made a film in secret during the last confinement, June and John. He must soon stage DogManwith Caleb Landry Jones (Nitram).

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