Luca (Pixar) moves away “to the maximum of realism”

Cia Alberto, a short film derived from Luca, is being shown today as part of Disney Plus Day.

Big-eared studio thinks big for Disney Plus Day, organized on November 12, two years after the American launch of the streaming service. If the content offered in the USA will be more important than in France (the chronology of the media prevents, for example, the programming of Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings here, since it is still showing in theaters), there will be quite a few new releases online today: the remake of Mom I missed the plane, the (very good) drama Dopesick, with Michael Keaton and Will Poulter, or a few short films from Snow Queen and Luca.

The latest Pixar, which tells the story of the friendship of two fish-boys who pass themselves off as humans in sunny Italy, landed on June 18 at Disney Plus, and had been screened a few days before at the International Film Festival of animation of Annecy. We then met some of its creators, who recounted in detail its manufacture. An article to read before to discover Ciao Alberto :

Annecy 2021: Luca is Pixar’s Call Me by Your Name [critique]

An exercise in style on the sea

Very cartoon characters who play in a titanic sea, whose animation must have burned all the Pixar servers … However, aquatic realism is not the goal of the film. ” Our goal was to move away from realism as much as possible. We wanted to remove the superfluous to get to the point. That’s the aesthetic of the film: we didn’t want the universe to be too rich Says producer Andrea Warren. “We’ve styled a lot of the way the waves move, or the spray of water. We wanted it to look like a painting. There is a big influence of 2D animation or stop motion ”, explains Enrico. Andrea concludes: Luca, it is not realistic: it is not a photo of the sea, but the memory of the sea, in a way. “

A lesson in clichés

On the menu, sunny Italy, pasta, pizza, the dream of a Vespa… And in the 30 minutes of the film that we saw, a character exclaims “Santa Mozzarella! “. You imagine a French character shouting “Par tous les camemberts!” “? It rather laughs Enrico, Genoese by birth, who fed Luca of his childhood memories: “You’re looking for funny stuff from your childhood. You have to be careful not to stuff the film with this sort of thing. There is a balance to be found… but you would be surprised how many people on the team wanted us to swear more like that! “

The Pixar of Discord

In off, the streaming of Luca due to Covid does not seem to please his entire team. Luca does not even come out in premium rate. Does that mean it’s inferior? It’s hard to swallow ”, deplores an anonymous, interviewed by the Insider site at the end of April. “ We don’t just want to be a Disney + title », Regrets another collaborator who says the film is “Designed for the big screen”. A grumbling which is not general, but which echoes the feelings of Pete Docter when he described in January the release of Drunk on Disney + de “Punch in the stomach”. We will see if Turning Red and Lightyear, the Pixars of 2022, will also be entitled to luxury DTV treatment …

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