Luchini wears Le mystère Henri Pick [critique]

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The Henri Pick mystery
Roger Arpajou / Gaumont

Rémi Bezançon adapts David Foenkinos’ literary thriller for a disappointing result despite the duo Fabrice Luchini – Camille Cottin.

France 2 will broadcast this Sunday The Mystery Henri Pick, released at the cinema in March 2019. Here is the review of Première.

Is an author necessarily an educated person? This is the central question that crosses The Mystery Henri Pick, whose story takes us to the depths of Brittany where a young publisher discovers a manuscript in a library housing all the books refused by publishers. There, in a mass of mediocrities, she comes to a halt on this hidden nugget, written by Henri Pick, a pizza maker who died two years earlier, who had never shown an interest in literature. The novel becomes a literary phenomenon. Everyone cries out genius except one man: Rouche (Fabrice Luchini), host of a literary program. He seriously doubts the miracle, suspecting that the marketing trap of Warhol’s fleeting moments of glory has struck again. The film thus tells the frantic quest for truth of this preventing incense in circles. And becomes a Luchini movie to which Bezançon has however added the always impeccable Camille Cottin by expanding – in relation to the novel by David Foenkinos – the role of Pick’s daughter, herself in search of the truth. But if the tandem of actors works wonderfully, the filmmaker has forgotten what was one of the charms of his second feature, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life: the essential place left for secondary characters. Despite the talent of their interpreters (Alice Isaaz, Bastien Bouillon …) they have no space in the story to exist and the story loses power. Until a sloppy resolution which sums up the state of frustration in which the film leaves.

Le Mystère Henri Pick – Camille Cottin: “It’s a nice tribute to literature”

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