Lucifer: an alternate final scene uploaded by the creator

lucifer season 6

A short rehearsal video filmed behind the scenes of the production reveals how the script for the very last scene was initially thought out.

The boss of Lucifer, Ildy Modrovich, has unveiled an alternate video of the final scene, the one that officially ends the six seasons of the fantasy drama. Attention spoilers!

In the last moments of Lucifer, he became Hell’s Therapist, inspired by his mortal friend Linda Martin (Rachael Harris). Rather than condemn souls to torture for eternity, Lucifer realizes that it can help struggling humans overcome their pasts. In the middle of a session, there is a knock on the door. It’s Chloe (Lauren German). She joins him in the afterlife to help him in his new job as a self-proclaimed psychologist, and the couple share a final languid kiss …

Modrovich shared this little snippet of rehearsal on Instagram, which confirms that the moment in question had a little more importance in the original script, since we were supposed to see Chloe come into her dear and tender’s office and join the session. next to Lucifer

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