Lucifer: the end of the series explained

lucifer season 6 finale

“It’s open to interpretation, but for me, that’s the beauty of sacrifice …”

After 6 seasons, the adventures of Chloe Decker and Lucifer found a nice conclusion, on Netflix this weekend. The last few episodes brought a welcome end to the couple and the fantasy drama as a whole. Attention spoilers!

Showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich recount in Variety to have seen this final chapter as “a love letter to the love that Lucifer and Chloe have for each other, this relationship that formed the crux of our show. Much of this season takes us back to the pilot and the first moments of the series. We wanted to tell the story. the story of this couple, the story of Deckerstar“, explains Modrovich in Variety, before justifying the last intrigues. In particular how they always had in mind this end, in which Lucifer return to Hell to take care of the damned souls, leaving Chloe and her daughter behind on Earth: “This idea that Lucifer decides to go back down to Hell to make it a kind of reintegration center, that was the idea of ​​season 5, act 6. To make Amenadiel the new God, to introduce their daughter Rory, these were new elements that we added during writing. We wanted to achieve the exact same end as we initially imagined, but we really wanted to see what it would be like, by the way. Lucifer became his own father. Having this feeling of abandoning your child …

So what did Lucifer during all those years away from his family? Could he watch Chloe and Rory, watch over her? “I think it’s open to interpretation, but for me that’s the beauty of sacrifice “, continues Henderson. “Afterwards, he knows that Chloe and Rory have had a good life and are happy together (…) Lucifer was this selfish character, who therefore becomes a parent, the most altruistic role possible. So with Rory, at the end of the day, they realize that it’s all the trials and the pain that makes you who you are. This is the message we can all relate to: we don’t necessarily have to want to change the bad things that have happened to us because without them we wouldn’t be who we are. This is the strongest message of season 6. “

And then as to the new God, there wasn’t much hesitation. Both showrunners wanted “Amenadiel to take the throne at the end of Season 5. It was a pretty clear decision for us, because we knew that the angel who least wanted power was the one who had to wield it. A perfect ending point for his character. Amenadiel started out as a proud and proud angel who has always despised humanity, but at the end of season 6 he is the one with the most sympathy and love. appreciation for us mere mortals. “

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