Lupine: a “Hitchcockien” shoot in a Norman mansion for episode 6

Lupine: Omar Sy

Director Ludovic Bernard tells us how he took up the torch behind the camera, to film the hunt for Assane, in the footsteps of his kidnapped son …

For a few hours now, the second part of Lupine is live on Netflix. And it picks up just after the finale last January. In episode 6, we find Assane looking for his son, in front of the camera of a new director, Ludovic Bernard. The director of Ten Days Without Mum last year at the cinema tells us how he took up the torch of Lupine. Attention spoilers!

“I arrived very early on the production. It allowed me to see what everyone was doing. To read all the scripts from the start, to get a good feel for myself. Because I think that for a series, each director must step aside in favor of the series and the central character. Somewhere, there is only one real for the whole. “

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Moreover, it is Marcella Said, director of episodes 4 and 5, who signs the first shots of episode 6, those on the side of Etretat, to keep a form of continuity: “I was offered to shoot these scenes in Etretat, as they belonged to episode 6. But I found it smarter that Marcela shoots them in the wake of episode 5. In terms of continuity, it was better like it.”

Ludovic Bernard thus filmed the chase between Leonard and Assane, ending in this Norman mansion as sumptuous as it is sinister: “I looked for a long time for this decoration. It’s a totally empty old castle, which has been redeveloped with a little scary things, stuffed animal heads, religious objects here and “, confides the director, who tells us about his staging to Première:

“I had a pretty good idea of ​​a very Hitchcockian place. I had this idea of ​​one character up, the other down, and that they could come together and have the final brawl between the two. J I imagined it in a very dynamic way, with a camera on the alert, on the shoulder. There is a tone that contrasts with the previous episodes. We especially wanted to keep the suspense throughout. There is even a western approach between the characters and the screen … “

An effective introduction to the part of 2 of Lupine, currently available on Netflix.

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