Lupine: Omar Sy on the trail of his son in the first clip of part 2

Lupine trailer part 2 with Omar Sy

Assane and Guedira together on the roads of Normandy.

Omar Sy will return this Friday June 11 to Netflix for part 2 of Lupine. And as shown in this first extract unveiled by the streaming platform, the first episode pick up exactly where we left off last January. Attention spoilers!

In this one-minute video, we find Assane in Normandy. After his son has been kidnapped in Étretat, the vengeful gentleman sets off in pursuit of Pellegrini’s henchman, with a surprise sidekick: Inspector Guedira of the Parisian police, who had followed his trail to the hollow needle. They lead the hunt together, even if Assane obviously does not know that he has a cop next to him ready to arrest him …

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