Lupine: Part 2 finale explained [exclu]

Lupine Netflix part 2

Omar Sy is back on Netflix for five new episodes. And that’s what you have to understand at the end of episode 10 …

The adventures of Assane Diop resumed with a vengeance, on Netflix, this Friday, with the broadcast of the five episodes of part 2 of Lupine. And in particular a last breathtaking chapter, filmed at the Théâtre du Châtelet. Attention spoilers!

Lupine: a Hitchcockian shoot in a Norman mansion for episode 6

A grandiose setting, for Assane’s ultimate shot, intended to trap the horrible Pellegrini. A Dantesque coup, filmed by a masterful hand by the director Hugo gelin, who tells us about this last episode of part 2:

“The idea was to be in a theater, because Lupine really play it all the time “, entrusts the filmmaker to Première, to whom we owe My Unknown in 2019. “His roles, the characters he plays … It was a fun wink to end up in a real theater. The final moment he takes off his mask is in a place where everyone wears them. . I like this symbol So, to achieve this, we brought together everyone: the good guys, the bad guys, the cops … All the characters are gathered in the same place, locked up.

The Châtelet theater, inaugurated in 1862 in the heart of the capital, was not chosen by chance. “We had considered Versailles and others. But Le Châtelet was the best solution for us. We were in the center of Paris, glued to the Seine. It was cool for the identity of the show. The charm and history of the place too, since Le Châtelet is a former prison. The defendants were tried at La Conciergerie, just opposite, and passed under the Seine, under a tunnel. So I found it funny that Assane Diop was surrounded by all of Paris in a former prison.. “

Lupine final part 2

Ultimately, the character embodied by Omar Sy will eventually have his revenge. But after saying goodbye to Claire and her son, he is on the run again, pursued by the police. Not totally a happy ending, so: “Assane Diop is not a superhero strictly speaking. He is human. He has flaws. He tries to improve himself, with his family, with his son. So concretely, what we wanted to do in this final is to do justice to parts 1 and 2 of Lupine, with the story of Pellegrini in particular, and also the other intrigues that we had started. We wanted to complete it all, this arc in two parts, in which he is essentially seeking to avenge his father “, details the creator of the series, George kay, at Première.

The screenwriter of Lupine Indeed explains that, even if he was right about Pellegrini, that does not erase his personal slate: “Now he has other problems! He cannot erase the crimes he committed. He cannot be a free man walking quietly down the street, having taken revenge on Pellegrini. He still has plenty of challenges to solve and we will see that in part 3. In the meantime, he is on the run, at the end of part 2, but at the same time, he is freed of a weight …

We will find Omar Sy and Lupine in part 3, to be seen in 2022 on Netflix.

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