Lupine will have new sidekicks for season 3 according to Omar Sy

Lupine Netflix part 2

“Even if he is the mastermind, the brain, he cannot do everything on his own …”

One month after the suite of Lupine, Omar Sy gave a interview with the American site Entertainment Weekly, revealing new information on the continuation, and in particular the entry on the scene of new characters who will come to help Assane Diop in his blows and his run!

“We’re talking about it right now. We have a lot of ideas and things we want to do and say, but we’re still writing.”

He specifies : “When you read the books, Lupine has a lot of accomplices. [dans la série] there is only Benjamin. Except Assane needs people, so he’s going to hire them. I think it’s going to be more interesting and maybe one day we’ll have a big cast with a lot of people. Because the thing is, even though he’s the mastermind, the brain, he can’t do everything on his own, he needs people. It’s also one of his skills: being able to attract people and take them with him. It’s really cool to play with that. I think that’s a neat aspect of Lupine. “

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Among Assane Diop’s companions, in season 3, we will also find the dog J’accuse! “She, because she’s a female, is a real diva. It’s really tough on set, but we love it … I don’t want to spoil anything, but we have more to come with it. ”

We will certainly follow this in 2022 on Netflix, in Part 3 of Lupine.

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