M. Night Shyamalan has finished shooting Knock at the Cabin (on film)

The director teases an “old school” rendering, filmed with cameras from the 1990s.

Knock at the Cabin is obviously a film that is close to the heart of its creator, M.Night Shyamalan. He announced it right after the release ofOld in the cinema, in the summer of 2021, then hired Dave Bautista for this horrific project, explaining that the actor had bluffed him in blade runner 2049. Since then, the director of Sixth Sense has continued to give news of the progress of this film expected in cinemas in February 2023. He has also cast Nikki Amuka-Bird, one of his actressesOldRupert Grint (which he filmed in Servant) and Jonathan Groff (mindhunter).

Once filming began in April, he shared some photos from the set on Twitter, explaining how to use “lenses from the 1990s to give him the old school look contemporary thrillers. In mid-May, when he had just completed half of the shots, he added that he hadshot on filmand having started the 200th roll”, and not digital like most current productions. Then, on Saturday, June 11, he shared this “end clap” for “sincerely thank the whole team.” He adds : “This movie really changed me as a person and as an artist.” We also clearly see on this shot the name of his chief operator, Jarin Blaschke, with whom he has already worked on his series The Servantand who is also famous for his collaborations with Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse, The Northman).

We are now waiting for a first teaser of Knock at the Cabinas well as an official synopsis, its contents being kept secret for the moment.

“How many films in streaming have marked you or changed your life?” asks M. Night Shyamalan

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