Mad Max Fury Road: Charlize Theron recounts her huge clash with Tom Hardy

The actress yelled at her partner when he showed up on set 3 hours late.

The book Blood, Sweat & Chromeby Kyle Buchanan, recounts the creation of Mad Max Fury Road. The journalist interviewed the entire George Miller film crew, and can deliver little-known anecdotes (Eminem, for example, was in the running for the main roleand Tom Hardy was chosen after spitting on one of his competitors, Armie Hammer!), but also telling misadventures directly from the mouths of those concerned. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy did not hide their animosity towards each other on the set, and if they had already evoked in half-word their confusion in the press, it is the first time that the actress delivers the details of their main spat, which marked a turning point during the filming of the film.

“We were like two parents in the front of a car, remembers Theron, relayed by Vanity Fair. Either we bickered, or we stayed frozen. I don’t know which of these two attitudes is the worst. And the rest of the team had to deal with that at the back. It was horrible ! We shouldn’t have acted like that, we should have behaved better. I recognize him.”

Mad Max – Fury Road: the actors return to the tensions during filming

Cameraman Mark Goellnight then details: “I remember perfectly the day when everything changed between them. We were supposed to meet on the set at 8 a.m. Charlize arrived right on time, and settled into the combat vehicle, knowing very well that Tom would not would never be on time, even if he had been specially asked to do so. He was known to never respect the morning hours. If you wanted to have him to shoot at dawn, you could forget, he never came never.” His assistant Ricky Schamburg continues: “I don’t know if it was a way of asserting some power, but it seemed deliberately provocative. From my perspective, he knew it was going to upset Charlize, because she’s very professional and coming on set. earlier. (when he arrived 3 hours late)she jumped out of the vehicle and started yelling at him: ‘Take that asshole $10,000 for every minute he kept this team waiting. You are so disrespectful!’ She was right from A to Z, but she really screamed. It came out so loud, I don’t know if he heard it all, but he jumped on her, shouting too: ‘What did you tell me?’ He was aggressive, she felt threatened and that really marked a turning point on this shoot.”

Charlize Theron then recounts having asked George Miller to hire his producer, Denise Di Novi, a woman in whom she had complete confidence, so that they both stand up to Tom Hardy: “It had become unmanageable and I thought that by sending him a producer, it could put us on an equal footing, because I did not feel safe in front of him. It was my way of doing a step forward. George said: ‘Okay, if Denise comes…’, he was open to this idea, it allowed me to breathe a little. I felt that with another woman by my side, I would have someone who would understand what I was up against.”

Is the hatchet completely buried between Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, almost 7 years after the release of the film? “Inside, I was completely overwhelmed, explains Tom Hardy. We had a lot of pressure, both of us, and it overflowed, sometimes. I think she needed a better partner than me, or maybe with more experience. I’d like to believe that now that I’m older and uglier, we could team up again on occasion.”

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