Mad Max Fury Road: “In the end, it was Furiosa’s movie”, acknowledges Tom Hardy

“And that was fantastic. Fury Road. Furiosa. It was even in the title!”

To wait until the exit of Venom 2, expected on October 20 at the cinema, the magazine Esquire publishes a long portrait of Tom hardy, cut into five parts. The actor therefore has time to review his entire career, and after having organized a meeting full of anecdotes with his understudy, Jacob Tomuri, who has been performing his stunts since Mad Max Fury Road, the event action film of George Miller released in 2015, he returns more precisely to this film where he succeeded Mel Gibson in the main role, and was quickly stolen the spotlight by another character, Furiosa, played by Charlize theron.

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“In the end, it was Furiosa’s movie, considers the actor. And it was fantastic. Fury Road. Furiosa. It was even in the title! ” When the journalist points out to him that “Mad Max was also in the title”, he adds: “Yeah, but it’s interesting how the movie deconstructed that. If you watch the movie today, you take it as a passing torch between Mad Max and Furiosa. By the way, that’s what they do. are filming right now. Furiosa (a prequel is indeed planned for 2023 with Anya Taylor-Joy in the main role, editor’s note). It’s a great way to change your hero. Miller still has Mad Max, but he cut his work around two characters, and that’s really, really cool. “ We do not feel any trace of tension towards Charlize Theron in his remarks, even if the two actors admitted that they did not get along very well on the set.

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Just for fun, we’re sharing the trailer for Mad Max Fury Road :

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