Maestro: first images of Bradley Cooper in his biopic on Leonard Bernstein

The actor is in front and behind the camera, with Carey Mulligan as his wife.

After A Star Is Born, bradley cooper remains in the world of music for his next film, Maestro. This is a biopic of Leonard Bernstein, the legendary conductor who notably composed the music for West Side Story. Cooper himself will hold the role of Bernstein, and this at all ages, as we can see on the first images unveiled by Netflix. Carey Mulligan (Drive) will play his wife, Felicia Montealegre.

Maestro was originally a Steven Spielberg project, which recently signed a remake of West Side Story. But after approaching Bradley Cooper for the lead role, he ended up handing over the directing to him, as Cooper detailed last January:

“I suggested that he see A Star is Born during post-production, I was in the middle of grading him, and told him that if he liked it, I could research Leonard Bernstein to figure out what film we could make of him. I will always remember the rest: I show him A Star is Born, he is at the other end of the room, in the front row, in front of a huge screen. Comes the scene where my character, Jackson, calls Alley on the stage to sing “Shallow” in duet. This is THE key scene of the film. Right when she goes on stage, he gets up. I tell myself : ‘Damn, is he going to the bathroom just then? Shit, it’s missed. If he leaves the room now…’ The drums start playing, he gets up and I put my hand on my head, desperate. Then I see his face facing mine, and he says to me, quite loudly because the guitar sounds were important: ‘F***, you’re totally going to direct Maestro!’ And right after, he goes back to sitting down. It was amazing.”

HAScurrently filming, Maestro isn’t expected to arrive on Netflix until 2023.

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