Mamma Mia, a new anti-depression method [critique]

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Mamma Mia, a new anti-depression method [critique]

In 2008, Première fell under the spell of the musical with Meryl Streep.

This Friday, M6 rebroadcast Mamma Mia! at 9 p.m., followed not by its sequel to the cinema in 2018, but by another romantic comedy, Sex with friends, with Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake.

The story of this musical? It was in 1999, on the lovely Greek island of Kalokairi that the romantic adventure began, in an isolated Mediterranean hotel, Villa Donna, run by Donna, her daughter Sophie and Sophie’s fiancé, Sky. Just in time for her upcoming wedding, Sophie nervously posts three invitations to three very different men whom she believes is her father. From three points on the globe, three men are preparing to return to the island – and to the woman – who had enchanted them 20 years earlier.

Mamma Mia 2: Lily James is very convincing as a young Meryl Streep (review)

Yes Here We Go Again left the editorial staff unsatisfied, Mamma Mia! first of the name was the surprise crush of summer 2008. Here is the review published at the time in First : Is it ugly and cold? Is everything gray? Do you find a cinema that shows Mamma Mia, a new anti-depression method. To do this, you have to let yourself be carried away by the music, the colors and the warmth of Greece. If, at first glance, we wonder what these hysterics are doing in the film (in the first few minutes, we have the impression of having fallen into a henhouse), we quickly get caught up in the game of the musical that opens us. big eyes on the performance of Meryl Streep, hallucinating as she takes the film and the spectators. Because it is she who carries the film, sings, dances but which, strangely, convinces us less in the passages a little more dramatic. The three men find it difficult to keep up with the rhythm but we regale all the same in this “Greek tragedy”, which also offers beautiful little roles to the secondary actors including the cute Amanda Seyfried, pretty fair-haired girl with a tanned complexion who makes us want to ‘go visit Greece. “

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Sharon Stone: “There are other actresses as talented as Meryl Streep”

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