Mania 2021 series: the highlights of Saturday, August 28

Hagai levi
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A good dose of comedies, visits to Petits Meurtres, a live Opera and even a lecturer, day 2 of the Lille festival was rich.

Nora Hamzawi does The Night of Comedies

After going to meet the public at the Village, as part of the Fan Club, the comedian and columnist for Day-to-day hosted the traditional Night of Series Mania Comedies. Festival-goers were able to discover a variety of series from around the world, from Mobile Brigade, To Frank Of Ireland, Passing by Hacks, Bloods, Starstruck Where The Tribulations of Georges and Fernand.

Opera on the scene

The co-creator and co-director Cécile Ducrocq came to present the eagerly awaited series OCS, fiction on the backstage of the National Opera of Paris, with the whole team and in particular the male star, Raphaël Personnaz.

Visit of the studios of Small Murders

The Hauts-de-France audience was able to discover the studio and the sets in which the new episodes of the successful detective series from France 2 are filmed. A spectacular dive into the 70’s.

The cast ofHere it all begins meet the fans

The TF1 soap opera moved fans to the Village, who were able to spend a moment with Benjamin Baroche, Clement Remiens, Mikaël Mittelstadt and Rebecca Benhamour.

Superhero Cosplayers Competition

Who had the best costume? After the pre-selection made by a jury among Vozer subscribers, the selected were able to parade on stage, in their Marvel or DC Comics clothes or others. A first bluffing Cosplay contest at Séries Mania.

Hagai Levi does his Masterclass of Congugal life

The creator of Betipul, the original which gave In treatment and In therapy, to whom we owe more recently The Affair, gave a long talk on his new series: an adaptation of Scènes de la Vie Conjugale by Ingmar Bergman (1973). He explained how he approached this remake for HBO, which will be seen in France on OCS on September 13th.

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