Mania series under the spell of Nona and her daughters (review)

Nona and her daughters

A little gem of surrealist humor, with infinite tenderness, this family fable by Valérie Donzelli made the festival fall in love.

This is the first time that she has embarked on the exercise. A first achievement for the small screen. A first creation of a TV series. And a totally successful first for Valerie Donzelli, who presented his unique vision of family comedy last night in Lille. Fable with a resolutely lunar tone, Nona and her daughters enchanted the festival and asserted itself as the favorite of the French competition.

Based on a strong concept, surreal not to say supernatural, the acclaimed filmmaker for War is declared Where Our Lady tells the story of a 70-year-old woman, a historic and committed feminist, who suddenly becomes pregnant. For her three 44-year-old daughters, triplets that she raised alone in Paris, it’s a shock. George, Gabi and Manu are going to have a little brother or a little sister. But who is the father?

Valerie Donzelli therefore makes his first infidelity in the cinema. But she clearly did not get lost along the way. We find the particular touch of the screenwriter, in this tender and surprising way of telling strong characters, with elusive contours, carefully drawn. Feminine tale if there is one, Nona and her daughters takes its narration through the heart of a family to explore the sorority in great width, confined to a Parisian apartment with a cheerful outdated aesthetic.

From this three-seater bunk bed to the colorful 70’s wallpaper, to that heady music that stays in your head, every detail is enchanting. A timeless joke, where the absurd borders on pure tenderness. The dialogues fuse, the theatrical twists are assumed with taste and Valerie Donzelli allows himself in passing to develop a not so futile reflection around the quest for identity within the family.

Around Miou Miou, perfect in immature Mater Familas, the triplet of beautiful girls have a blast. Ledoyen, Hesme and Donzelli are bursting with sparkling chemistry. A communicative good mood that gives a little something extra to this unreal series: the desire to be part of the family!

Nona and her daughters, to see in December on Arte.

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