Manifest crashes: the series is canceled and will not have a season 4


The series ended with the last episode of season 3, which aired a few days ago in the USA.

Passengers bound for Season 4 of Manifest are asked to return home. Their flight is canceled! The American channel NBC has just announced that it will not order season 4 of the mystery drama, broadcast in France on Salto in US + 24 and in clear on TF1.

A few days after the conclusion of season 3, last June 10, we learn that the mysterious story of Manifest will have no real end and that many questions surrounding Flight 828 and its passengers will now remain unanswered.

It must be said that the first two seasons made viewers languish. So much so that many people jumped out of the plane along the way. Manifest had only 3.2 million fans per week across the Atlantic.

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