Manifest creator still hopes he can save the series and make a season 4

Manifest s2

Flight 828 was abruptly canceled after 3 seasons, but the screenwriter wants his story to land smoothly, elsewhere.

He still had 40 episodes and a few to tell us the story of Flight 828 and the mysteries of Manifest. Showrunner Jeff Rake is desperate for the cancellation of his series, which was highly probable, given the US hearings. And after completing season 3 on yet another cliffhanger, Rake just has to cross his fingers, hoping that another broadcaster takes over the drama, to give it a real end.

For now, Manifest is just deleted and season 4 does not appear on any flight plan. But after the withdrawal of NBC, the screenwriter will obviously fight to save his story: “My dear demonstrators, I am devastated by NBC’s decision to cancel us “, Rake wrote on Twitter. “The fact that we were deleted in the middle of a robbery that I had planned for six seasons is a real punch in the gut. I hope to find a new home (a new broadcaster to the series). , fans, deserve an end to your story. “

Six seasons, it seemed very ambitious indeed. Now fans of Manifest (broadcast in France on Salto in US + 24 and on TF1 in clear) just have to appeal to their guardian angel, if they want to have the answers to all the questions that remain unanswered, at the end of season 3.

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