Manifest finally saved? New discussions are underway


The American channel NBC could change its mind and reconsider the cancellation of the drama.

“To cancel” a series … The term is barbaric, a lazy televisual neologism. And yet, we must admit that he says perfectly sums up the situation of Manifest. Officially canceled by its broadcaster, the American channel NBC, last May, after 3 seasons, the thriller is desperately looking for a way out. Because the mystery surrounding flight 828 is still far from being resolved.

While Warner Bros. Television and creator Jeff Rake were still hoping to be saved by Netflix in June, counting on the platform to order season 4, their hopes were quickly showered by the streamer, who also decided to skip his turn.

But new twist this week in Manifest ! The series could finally be “canceled“by NBC. TVLine reports that discussions are underway with Warner Bros. Television about a possible season 4. The American channel could reverse its decision of the spring and opt for the order of a season 4. But it will not do it alone. She intends to share the costs with Netflix. The streaming network is also participating in renewal talks, which could mean a mutual broadcast deal.

No comments at this time from either channel, and there is no guarantee that these discussions will be successful. But in any case that would make sense, since when the three seasons of Manifest were posted online by Netflix in the USA, they immediately made a phenomenal hit with American subscribers, placing the mystery drama first in the Top 10, ahead of many in-house creations. The streamer would therefore have an interest in sharing with NBC the costs of a return of Manifest, which could come to fruition in several forms, such as a concluding TV movie, recently suggested by creator Jeff Rake.

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