Manifest: series creator says more about last 20 episodes

Will Hart / NBC

Interviewed by the English-speaking media Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Rake spoke about the end of Manifest.

“The wait was worth it”. here’s how Jeff rake, producer and showrunner of Manifest broadcast on Netflix, summarizes the last few months in light of the twists and turns that the mystery drama has known. Canceled in June by the streaming platform after three seasons, then renegotiated to conclude with around twenty episodes, Manifest narrowly avoided the crash. A decision that enchants Jeff Rake, who began to tease the final season in the columns ofEntertainment Weekly.

The plot, which was originally to be unraveled over six seasons, will not be sloppy, assures the producer, for whom twenty episodes is already better than a two-hour film. “We will continue to make the series that everyone has fallen in love with”, he continues, specifying that “the final will not budge”. Understand here that the story will not be transformed due to the consequent loss of seasons. “I am absolutely confident that 20 episodes give enough time to tell the story the way I originally intended it to be.”

And if negotiations are still underway regarding the return of the full cast, everything suggests that the actors should get back in the shoes of their characters quickly. A beautiful optic for the writers who have already taken the path of the newsrooms. Jeff Rake hopes to start filming between November and December. However, no release date has been communicated.

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