Marie Colomb in The Magnetics of Vincent Maël Cardona

Return on the course of the magnificent heroine of the first feature film by Vincent Maël Cardona, discovered on the small screen in Laëtitia and who is about to shoot the new Rodrigo Sorogoyen


Playing has always been my quest “. So expresses with enthusiasm Marie Colomb who bursts the screen this week in Magnetics by Vincent Maël Cardona, her first major role on the big screen, that of a young woman whose heart swings between two brothers in France in the early 80s. ” My mother put me in the theater when I was 6 because she found me a bit … special »She continues with a burst of laughter. ” And at the end of my first show, coming down from the stage, I ran to her to tell her that it would be my whole life! “A dream that is not necessarily easy to achieve when you live in the Bordeaux region, without any contact in an environment that you know is complex to integrate. But Marie Colomb will tackle it little by little. By choosing a high school with a theater option, by appearing in the clip of the Bordeaux group Odezenne directed by Romain Winkler then by daring to take the leap and follow the latter’s advice: go to Paris to try his luck in the cinema. ” I left with a backpack and a thousand euros in my pocket. It might sound cliché, I know but it was my reality. Then comes into play the part of luck so essential in such a quest. Meetings that allow him, while earning his living with odd jobs, to shoot his first short and feature films (One two Three by Mathieu Gari and Merrick by Benjamin Diouris, never before seen in theaters). And one more decisive than all the others: Jeanne Gottesdiener, the director of Studio Pygmalion. ” Thanks to her, I entered this school when it was a world that scared me a little. But above all, since then, I prepare all my roles with her. “And among these, THE role that will change the situation in 2019: Laëtitia, the title role of the mini-series by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, based on the rape and murder of the young Laëtitia Perrais – who had made headlines in 2011 – from Ivan Jablonka’s book, Laëtitia or the end of men. ” Again I was very lucky because I didn’t have an agent at the time so there was no reason I was aware of the hearings. But it was a friend from school who told me about it, assuring me that this role was for me. I couldn’t believe it so much that I almost didn’t go. She did well to change her mind. She wins this casting and delivers on screen a composition of exceptional richness, depth and intensity. ” It was very scary at the start of course: to represent someone who existed exceeded my little ego as a young actress. But Xavier was able to quickly find the words that helped me by explaining to me that he absolutely did not want me to try to look like him and imitate him and that he had chosen me for the double radiant and melancholy side. that I was clearing in my eyes. It opened the way for me to this role while obviously devouring the book of Ivan Jablonka, the legal file of the case and the letters written by Laëtitia… I studied her life to try to understand what she has lived trying to fill in the blanks left by all the unanswered questions. “


After an appearance in Rascal, the excellent film by Peter Dourountzis, Marie Colomb illuminates in this month of November Magnetics, the first feature film by Vincent Maël Cardona. ” Again after a casting … but a long, very long casting of more than six months until Vincent finds his trio “. And the filmmaker saw it right as the complicity between Marie Colomb and his partners Thimotée Robart and Joseph Olivennes is immediately obvious. ” I fell in love with this scenario. Its action takes place in the 80s but it made me think of what we are going through today. Vincent was able to capture this shift towards this feeling of no future which took place at that time in part of the youth and has continued to grow since.. »In this role of a young mother which makes the hearts of two brothers race, emerges everything that Jean-Xavier de Lestrade had immediately grasped about her, this mixture of extreme vitality and deep melancholy. This heroine does not exist only through the prism of the gaze of her two brothers. Vincent Maël Cardona was able to give it a life of its own and Marie Colomb seized it with a delight that bursts the screen, making his absence in the list of first names at the César of the revelation as incomprehensible as it is unjust.



But whatever. Because the essential is elsewhere. In the irresistible rise of a formidable actress who will soon be found in season 2 of the series UFO (s), directed by Anthony Cordier who contacted her after seeing her in Laëtitia. And who will start filming in December the new feature film by a certain Rodrigo Sorogoyen, the director ofEl Reino and Madre. ” It’s a daydream for me, who loved all of his films, his series and his ability to walk through such varied registers with the same genius. That such a filmmaker could have taken an interest in me is extremely flattering. ” As Bestas will feature Marina Foïs and Denis Ménochet as a French couple moving to a village in the Galician countryside to find a quiet life without suspecting for a moment that their presence will provoke hostility from their new neighbors. And Marie Colomb will play their daughter. To say that we can not wait to see the result is an understatement.

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