Marie Trintignant – A women’s affair: “Playing becomes a joy”

Marie Trintignant - A women
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In 1988, the actress told in Première the evolution of her career ten years after her revelation in Série Noire.

Arte programs a special evening Marie Trintignant on this Wednesday, by rebroadcasting A women’s affair, strong film by Claude Chabrol on abortion released in 1988 at the cinema, then an unpublished documentary on the actress who died in 2003 under the blows of Bertrand Cantat. Entitled Marie Trintignant – Your Shattered Dreams, it is directed by his mother Nadine, who wishes through this tender portrait to offer a beautiful image of her daughter, whose tragic end has eclipsed the joy and humor in the minds of the spectators. Eighteen years after her death, Nadine Trintignant retraces her career as an actress with affection, showing with the help of archive images Marie’s strong career choices and her way of approaching her profession as an actress. It is scheduled for 10:45 p.m., but is already visible on Arte.TV (just like another documentary dedicated to his father, Trintignant by Trintignant).

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At the time of the release ofA women’s affair, Marie Trintignant was 25 years old, and she explained precisely in First having enjoyed playing under the direction of Claude Chabrol, ten years after being revealed to the general public in Black sequence, by Alain Corneau, whose filming was painful for the teenager. “With Patrick [Dawaere], we got hurt. It’s great to know that it was not for nothing but for a very beautiful film. (…) My parents never pushed me. But I think there is something important to communicate to children: a passion. (…) Playing becomes a joy. Before, it was painful. Now I try to do everything, cinema, theater, short films, and have fun.” “Marie Trintignant is voluptuous and radiant, then concluded the portrait by Antoinette Boulat, more specifically about Lucie, her role in the film by Chabrol (a filmmaker whom she would find shortly after for Betty, another critical success). Beyond her talent as an actress, she reveals, with her intense gaze and deep voice, a new maturity. She is finally, and really, with her face uncovered.”

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