Marina Foïs: “In fact, my very first role was not in La Tour Montparnasse infernale…”

On the occasion of the replay of the comedy with Eric and Ramzy on Gulli, a funny little anecdote from Marina Foïs.

Like many spectators, you have discovered Marina Fois within the troupe of Robins des Bois, then at the cinema in The infernal Montparnasse Tower, the comedy by Charles Némès co-written and carried by Eric and Ramzy? However, it was not her first role, as she explained in First in 2015, just before filming in his sequel, The Infernal Control Tower.

“In fact, my very first role, it’s not the slut of Montparnasse tower, but a prostitute deported to Quebec in the 16th century in a Quebec series directed by the local Josée Dayan! Apparently, this series is quite well known because Xavier Dolan told me about it! I started getting film proposals after doing a Robins sketch at the Césars when we were still on the channel. Comedy!. My name was Romy Schneider ‘with a z’ and I was going through a casting. It had a certain impact I must say. But Eric and Ramzy, it was different, I had always known them since we were there by chance with the Robins the very first time they went on stage at Au Bec Fin, a café-théâtre of 3.5 m2 and 1 m 20 high ceiling. We found them brilliant and we went to tell them.”

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In the cinema too, Marina Foïs had already shot in a few films before playing the maleficent “Marie-Joelle” of The infernal Montparnasse Tower. His very first role dates back to Blue helmetby Gérard Jugnot, released in 1994. Before 2001, she had also appeared in Serial Loverby James Huth, in Thousand mile stonesby Alain Beigel and in Briberyby Dominique Farrugia, the producer who supported Les Robins des Bois and suggested that they multiply the sketches on TV, in The Big Showbroadcast in the late 1990s on Comedy!. But it is his role in this parody of diehard crazy that allowed him to break through more in the eyes of the general public. Subsequently diversifying her roles, in particular by signing for strong dramas, she has since been nominated five times for the Césars: for Lost girls, greasy hair (2003), Darling (2008), polishes (2012), Impeccable (2017) and The Workshop (2018).

She will therefore return tonight alongside Eric and Ramzy on Gulli. Here is the trailer for The infernal Montparnasse Tower :

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